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My Top 5(ish) Things in November’s Previews


Man, oh man!  What a tough flippin month for Previews picking!  I don’t mind telling you that it’s been a long time since I’ve gone through a Previews and had so much to choose from.  So much so, I decided to throw the 5(ish) format out the window, roll the dice and pick as many as I please.  Cause that’s just how I am.

Without further ado…


Harley Quinn #2 – DC Comics.  Oh.  Harley.  Harley, Harley, Harley.  I know that the first issue hasn’t even come out yet.  So, how can I be so excited about this book?  Two words:  Amanda Conner’s Cover.  I know you’re not “supposed” to judge a book by it’s cover, and I’m totally sure that DC learned it’s lesson after that atrocious debacle of the Joker’s Daughter.  So, there’s no reason not to be excited about this book.  Right?  Right! 

Like what you read there?  Of course you did!  How could you not?  Why don’t you hit this link and head on over to fanboyfactor.com to read the rest of the article:  the jman sayeth:  My top 5(ish) Things in November’s Previews.  And tell them Jeffery sent ya!




NYCC 2013: The round up. Part 1

nycc sign

Well, beings that it’s been a few weeks since NYCC has passed, it’s probably time to stop beating this dead horse.  But, not before one final post, well…truth be told, it’s gonna be two final posts, but under one article.  Comprende?  What can I tell you?  I took too many pictures, like the friggin tourist I was. If it moved, I took a pic.  If it didn’t I took a pic.  Nonono.  Don’t give me that crap. I didn’t know which ones I was going to need, use or want.  Better to cut twice and measure once, or however that stupid metaphor is supposed to go. Continue reading


Discussion: DC Collectibles New52 Super-Villains Joker

Ahhhh…the Joker.  The crown prince of crime.  The yin to Batman’s yang.  I gotta be honest with you, the Joker has never really be one of my favorite Batman villains.  A bit sacrilege to say, I realize.  That’s why I’ll probably be going into the witness protection program shortly after this article is published.


Don’t get me wrong, the Joker’s ok and all.  I mean he did kill Jason Todd (I think.  I mean, he did kill him pre52, at least.) and crippled Barbara Gordon, but…I don’t know.  He just looked ridiculous doing it. When I look back on older images of Joker, there’s something comical about them.  Any not in a scary kind of way either.  More of a “quaint” kinda way.  It really wasn’t until Ledger’s role as Joker, did I really respect what the character could be about.

Like that?  Of course you do.  That’t why you gotta head on over to Fanboyfactor.com to read the rest of the article, Discussion:  DC Collectibles New52 Super-Villains Joker, right now!  And when you go, tell them Jeffery sent ya!



Episode 22: My Trip to NYCC

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Welcome to another episode of yfn jman’s almost internet famous internet show.  I am your host, yfn jman.  I’ve gathered you all here today to regale you with my adventure to NYCC.  Yep.  That’s right.  I went to San Diego Comic Con’s ugly half sister, New York Comic Con!


I just felt like a title sequence… Continue reading


Ramblings, Musings And Thoughts Unfit For Consumption: 9/26

You know we’re reaching the end of the year when all the strange and wonderful toys start making their way to the store’s floors.  Yup.  It’s the time of year that strikes fear into the most hardened of parents.  Christmastime.

Photo Sep 20, 2 18 36 PM

Which brings us to this thing…I saw this lil oddity on display in the center aisle of Toys R Us.  I walked by the display, not really paying attention.  When I go to TRU, it’s for one purpose only.  I don’t have time for any other crap (as it were). Continue reading